Thursday, April 15, 2010

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  1. About me, a reader...

    Ha. Nope, not even close.

    I have two young 'uns who touch my heart daily. Sometimes I look at them and wonder how I could've grown up as a one and only. Animals that enter this house have unnaturally long life spans. Plants not so much unless you are a monocot from the family Orchidaceae. Creo en ángeles y los espiritus de mi familia me visitan. I am decidedly left of center and when I pull my head out of the sand, I am repeatedly shocked by the peacocks strutting on the national stage. Save the children or save the planet? Both, but my work has focused on the kids. Two things stand out from all of those years ago in elementary school... A teacher took a book away from me because I started reading it without 'permission' and another one failed me in 5th grade math (yes, that would be Mr. Burelli) after he lost all of my homework. I am a 'venge teacher. Moving my body is part of what I do daily. I am peaceful when I am hanging out in ustrasana or lying in a hammock watching the clouds float past as the sun sets. Can one both observe and participate fully? Someday I will hit standing splits in dandayamana-dhanurasana. A la Eleanor R., I don't step back from something because it scares me.

    Do ya really wanna go down the path o who's to old to do what?